Uncle Frank – Love Lion

Uncle Frank’s new album Love Lion is a masterful celebration of ’80s glam rock. This album is a love letter to dad-rock. with a clear homage to rock giants such as Prince and KISS present, offering bouncy synths paired with classic rock instrumentals.

By Adam Shorthouse

Written and produced by Uncle Frank, Love Lion is an album that is infectiously danceable, lusciously sexy, and extremely raw. The band prides themselves on being “self-made, feel good and original”, and we can most certainly vouch for all those points. Frank Benbibi’s vocals are unaltered and jacked, giving each track a real rock ‘n’ roll personality. At the core of the band, Naim Cortazzi, Jnr Benbini, and Luke Byran’s instrumental work gives the band its signature sound of classic synth rock.

Whilst the album is easy to categorise to an era, Uncle Frank offers a variety of sound styles, packed into a small record of only 9 tracks. From the Prince-like ballad Hot Secret Lover to the springy synth filled Fountains, and through to the slow jam lead track Love Lion, Uncle Frank bring ’80s rock back in full force.

For those who want a taste of Uncle Frank, we recommend dabbling first with the track Maximum Respect. This insatiably danceable track shows off the full potential of the band. The simple sing-along-able chorus matched with the upbeat and funky rhythm really make for a great ’80s style anthem.

Love Lion doesn’t do anything new, but that is sort of the point. Uncle Frank have made an album for classic rock fans that keeps true to its roots of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are missing ‘the good old days’ of music. That said, fans of modern pop fans and those looking for something new and alternative will most likely be left disinterested. However, Uncle Frank are most certainly appealing to an audience that hasn’t seen much love over the past few decades.

Love Lion by Uncle Frank is available now.