Scouting For Girls – 10th Anniversary Edition

It’s been ten years since Scouting For Girls released their debut album, and time seems to have simply flown by, with the indie genre falling from grace in spectacular fashion, making room for more electronic based forms of music. Attempting to buck the trend, Scouting For Girls have re-released their debut. Does it hold up in today’s music marketplace?

By Jane Howkins

The biggest question for fans of the band will be one pertaining to what’s new about the album, and we can gladly tell you that there are quite a few additions to the original track listing, so it’s not a lazy compilation by any means. An iTunes-only track called Michaela Strachan has been added to the end of what was originally the final song on the album, I Wish I Was James Bond, and it acts as a secret track of sorts. Live versions of most of the songs on the album have also been added to this collection, alongside a set of previously unreleased demos from 2006 of songs that are not on the album, so there is plenty of stuff here that most fans probably won’t have heard before.

The sound quality of the live stuff is fairly good, and if you heard the demos and didn’t know they were demos you would probably think they were just normal tracks, so there is no need for fans to be worried about there being a drop in sound quality. In fact, we would actually prefer it if all the songs had the same sound as the demos do, as there is a tendency with Scouting For Girls songs to seem a little too overproduced, and a little rawness surely wouldn’t harm things.

This is a fairly comprehensive collection for any Scouting For Girls fan, and it’s definitely worth getting over the original, if you don’t already have it. However, we can’t see many new fans being drawn to the band over this, so perhaps some new material might also be a good idea soon.

Scouting For Girls 10th Anniversary Edition by Scouting For Girls is available now.