Catholic Action – In Memory Of

In Memory Of is the latest release from Glasgow indie-pop four-piece Catholic Action.

By Graeme Smith

The guys seem to draw equal influence from The Smiths/Joy Division-style ’80s indie and ‘70s glam rock. It’s a bizarre yet appealing combination, moving from sweeping rock anthems such as New Year to melodramatic think-pieces like Propaganda. The latter is an early highlight on the album with wandering bass, honest lyrics and jarring guitar.

It’s one of two singles released from the album so far, the second being Black & White. A more mellow effort, frontman Chris McCrory’s voice takes on a crooning quality. The chorus features some swelling strings and it’s an easy listen.

The same could be said for the whole of In Memory Of. There’s a pleasantness to all the tracks that lends itself to a casual get-together with friends or a bit of a boogie in the kitchen while doing the washing up. In that regard it’s a pop masterpiece, but not pop in the sense we know it nowadays. There’s some genuinely strong and honest song writing at play. Though their influences are throwbacks from decades ago, Catholic Action do retain some sense of freshness, a little like how The Last Shadow Puppets breathed new life into the ‘60s troubadour sound.

In Memory Of is released on 20 October and the band will be promoting is with a tour in November alongside the brilliant Kagoule. It seems that there’s never been a better time to get into Catholic Action.

In Memory Of by Catholic Action will be released on Friday 20 October 2017.