Sugarmen – Local Freaks

Sugarmen are an indie rock group from Liverpool, and if you haven’t heard of them already, then you soon will!

By Jane Howkins

The music they create harks back a little to the stuff being produced in the mid ’00s, but the majority of their stuff is a lot better than what became known as the ‘indie landfill’ (termed due to the sheer amount of generic indie bands emerging at the time), with some other elements mixed into their songs.

It’s an impressive mix, and it shows a band with a wide range of influences in them. Whilst songs like Our Gallows show off a funky guitar riff and rhythm, other tracks such as Rabbit Hole display guitar work that sounds like something that belongs more in the ’60s, showing a darker, more psychedelic sound to the band. We’re actually reminded of Franz Ferdinand in a way, and they were always a band that managed to experiment with the basic indie template, just as Sugarmen are.

That’s not to say that Local Freaks is a perfect album. There are occasional moments where the band seem to stray dangerously close to the indie landfill zone, and whilst those moments are rare, it happens a little too much. However, their intent is right, and it’s clear to the listener that this is a group that are trying to do the indie thing in a different way, wearing their influences well and truly on their sleeves. We reckon they could hit it big, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them having some high slots at the festivals next year.

Local Freaks By Sugarmen is out on Wednesday 6 October 2017.