Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here

Iron Chic are a relatively unknown band in the great scheme of things. They emerged from the Long Island area of New York back in 2008 and have released a couple of albums since then, but have sadly not been given the fame that other, rather similar bands have received. Hopefully things will change with their latest album You Can’t Stay Here, as it’s a great record, and they truly do deserve to see some of the limelight.

By Jane Howkins

Iron Chic’s music is similar to bands such as The Gaslight Anthem, The Menzingers, and The Hold Steady, presenting an anthemic form of punk rock that has tinges of folk at its corners. Their music doesn’t really display anything new, and some might accuse them of being a little complacent in that regard, however YCSH is still a fun record, and one that we recommend listening to a few times before writing off, as it’s that type of album. First track A Headache With Pictures is currently our favourite, but there are plenty of other songs that seem to be edging it out, and we reckon that once you fully get into YCSH, then you’ll be into it for life.

There is something rather poignant about many of the topics contained within these tracks, and it’s a perfect record for putting on on a road trip, or for listening to when at a crossroad in life – there’s something very touching about it all, and the anthemic sense that seems to be present within each track is truly remarkable. You Can’t Stay Here is a cracking record for fans of the folk punk genre, and even if that isn’t your usual thing, we highly recommend checking it out, as the lyricism and anthemic quality of the tracks should manage to touch most listeners.

You Can’t Stay Here by Iron Chic will be released on Friday 13 October 2017