Jack Johnson – All The Light Above It Too

All The Light Above It Too is the latest album from singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, and if you’re familiar with any of his other work, then you’ll probably know how this one goes already.

By Jane Howkins

It’s not that it’s a bad album by any means, it’s just that like much of his other work, it never really seems to get going. This is inoffensive, bouncy, acoustic pop rock and if that’s your sort of thing or you’re a big fan of Johnson then you will like this. However, if you like your music with a bit more of a bite, then we recommend you stay well away.

However, there are a couple of interesting twists, with some social commentary being the order of the day on some of these tracks. Second song You Can’t Control It seems to be about the subject of water pollution (which goes well with the surfing theme Johnson has alluded to throughout his career), and My Mind Is For Sale alludes to Johnson being on the left side of the political axis, seeming to attack Donald Trump and his policies at times. This track also diverges from the acoustic guitar theme that Johnson seems to love so much, even featuring an electric guitar solo – which is certainly different from his usual shtick.

However, as previously stated, it never quite gets going, and whilst these changes are appreciated, we still found ourselves ever so slightly bored by this album. It’s a shame, as it seems that Johnson has something to say – we just wish he could find the words to say it louder and with more gusto.

All The Light Above It Too By Jack Johnson is out now.