Kublai Khan – Nomad

Kublai Khan are an American metalcore band from Sherman in Texas, predictably named after the Mongolian Emperor and General. It’s a rather interesting name for the band to have taken on, as their music is just as hard and brutal as one might expect the emperor to have been, with a tribal intensity to their sound that is highly impressive.

By Jane Howkins

Despite the extremity of their sound, Nomad’s production is particularly crisp, and this sharpness is something that they’ve always been good at producing, so there are no disappointments to be had there. It’s common for metalcore bands to purposefully make their sound sludgy and muddy, but we reckon it actually sounds better this way, with a rare harshness achieved throughout.

In terms of the actual music itself then, there isn’t anything here that will really change the world, and it’s a shame, especially considering how unimaginative the metalcore genre tends to be anyway.  However, Kublai Khan are definitely one of the better bands of the genre, and we do recommend checking them out if you’re into this type of music. Admittedly, the majority of Nomad does seem to be rather similar in terms of both style and tempo, with the majority of the songs here featuring lots of riffage and the occasional breakdown.

However, it seems clear that their song writing has improved over the years, with an additional complexity present that wasn’t there before. They still have a little ways to go in terms of innovation, but Kublai Khan are almost there, and that’s really half the battle done.

Nomad by Kublai Kahn is out now.