Seven Stories High – Deadweight

Seven Stories High are a pop-punk band from Swansea in South Wales, with their forthcoming release Deadweight set to be the band’s third EP. Whilst they are firmly within the pop-punk canon (the South Wales area seems to have been quite productive in that regard), their music also includes elements of the Mid-west and Long Island emo scenes, with hints of very early Brand New and more modern bands such as Mooseblood present in their work.

By Jane Howkins

They definitely seem to have what it takes to make it in the pop-punk world, and we’re pretty pleased to announce that Seven Stories High’s style is closer to that of the older style of the genre, rather than the newer stuff. Melody actually seems to exist on Deadweight, and we’re very happy about that, considering that so many of these new pop-punk bands seem to have swapped the melody out in place of gang vocals. That’s not to say that the tracks on this EP don’t get a little generic at times – they do, and it’s a bit annoying, considering that it’s very clear that the band are otherwise very talented. There’s nothing that massively stands out to us, and it’s really a shame, but we guess that goes with the territory somewhat.

Seven Stories High are a talented group, and if you’re into the older style of pop-punk or emo, then you might like this. We expect a bit more originality next time around though, and we’re sure the band can do it if they try.

Deadweight by Seven Stories High is out on 24 November 2017.