Skinny Lister – The Devil, The Heart and The Fight (Remastered)

Celtic folk punk band Skinny Lister are about to reissue their most recent album, The Devil, The Heart and The Fight, and we reckon it’s the definitive version! It was already a fantastic album, however this time around it’s been improved with a second bonus disc, adding even more to the fun.

By Jane Howkins

So what’s new then? Well, quite a bit. As previously mentioned, there is a whole new disc added that makes this version of TDTHATF seem like a bumper collection. There is quite a large selection of live tracks present, plus several new songs, including a Christmas tune titled Christmas Calls. The three new songs show the direction that Skinny Lister are currently going in, making us even more excited about what their next album proper might contain. Plus the tracks on the original disc are also fantastic, being their best album yet.

The album also comes with brand new artwork, which collectors will love, although that part probably won’t add much for casual fans. This really is the definitive version of this album, and we highly recommend it to new listeners, but like all reissues, there is the looming question of whether it’s worth buying again for those who already own it. If you don’t have any of the new tracks and are a big fan of Skinny Lister, then it is recommended that you at least check this out, otherwise it may not be worth those familiar with the album already picking it up.

The Devil, The Heart and The Fight (Remastered) by Skinny Lister is out now.