Astroid Boys – Broke

Cardiff grime/rock crew Astroid Boys were on my list to see at Leeds Festival however I missed them so I was keen to get an early listen to their long-awaited debut album released at the end of September 2017.

By Clare Jefferson

Featuring multiple vocalists on some songs, hardcore guitars and lo-fi electronica at various points, I’m not sure whether they will be a niche cult band or if they draw from enough scenes to make it mainstream.

Lyrically they draw on their authentic experience of street and touring band culture, belonging, staying loyal to their home and roots, smoking weed and distrusting politicians and police. In my opinion the non-vocal aspects to their music remind me of Dizzee Rascal, Le Sac vs Pip and Prophets Of Rage – the Public Enemy/Rage Against The Machine collaboration. My favourite track is probably ‘Dirt’ because I can imagine it being a good moshpit song with a nice heavy guitar riff, ‘Kill’ is similar and focuses on Police prejudice. My least favourite track is ‘Foreigners’ because it feels a bit stripped back and morbidly depressing, plus the repeated line “we know that you don’t like the foreigners” sticks in my head. Oh the whole I like what they’re trying to do but feel that they’re trying to do two creative directions. I’d like to feel an album flow a bit more as one unit than be a series of tunes, but it may well work as a live show.

Broke by Asteroid Boys is out now.