Gold Key – Hello Phantom

Gold Key are a relatively new band on the scene, even if they are made up of members from other, perhaps more famous groups. This supergroup was created by none other than Laurent Bernard of Gallows and Steve Sears from Spycatcher/Cry For Silence, being joined later on by James Leach of Sikth, and Jack Kenny from Nervus/Blackhole.

By Jane Howkins

Photo by Derek Bremner

Due to the nature of the group’s previous bands, it’s clear that there is some serious talent present in Gold Key. Sometimes when these groups get together, the hype is too much to live up to and they end up being rather boring instead. However, Gold Key are different, and whilst there are elements present from all of the members’ more well known groups, they are another entity entirely.

It’s almost weird in a way, as Gold Key seem to almost touch upon the mainstream, before pulling back and adding something that might be considered to be ‘weird’ into the mix. It’s as if they want to flirt with that side of things, but don’t want to go too far, which is quite understandable considering the current state of the music industry (although there’s nothing wrong with pop, so long as it’s done well). Hello Phantom certainly has some fantastic melodies to it, which makes a change considering the harsher styles of Sikth and Gallows. There’s even an edge of humour lurking on certain songs, with first track Creep In Slowly featuring an eerie melody from the beginning, perhaps signalling why they deciding to give this album the title of Hello Phantom.

Gold Key have produced a fantastic record, and one that shows the collective talents of this group of musical misfits. We hope that this is more than just a temporary thing, as the music shown here is just as good as that made by the other bands Gold Key’s members are in.

Hello Phantom by Gold Key is out now.