Discoveries – 5 Jan 2018

We run down some of the tracks from further afield we’ve been listening to recently.

Zkeletonz – Don’t Cover It Up

Don’t Cover It Up is the lively new single from Midlands-based Zkeletonz. The band’s mission is to make it summer all year and with this funky beat and restless lyrics we can safely say it’s mission accomplished!

Mauve – The Sound

The Sound is the sultry single from Canadian electro-pop artist Mauve. In Mauve’s own words, the track is about how music can keep you going through periods of change and as a listener it comes through lough and clear. Starting her musical career, Mauve has a big future ahead of her.

Kady Z – I Curse The Day

I Curse The Day is a emphatic single from American country singer/songwriter Kady Z. Her mournful voice plays over banjo and guitar licks creating a beautiful atmosphere. The song is perfectly accompanied by a lyric video.

Jack Shields – Five Star City

Five Star City is the first single of Jack’s new EP Sharks And Whales. With a mesmerising beat and old school rock licks Jack feels as if he’s taking up where Paul Simon left off. This is a track to which you’ll keep returning.

Soleima – Low Life

Soleima is an enchanting indie-pop artist from Denmark. The single and video Low Life is a perfect showcase for her energetic and melodic style which has got her a lot of attention in her native country. Let’s hope we get to see her in the UK before long. The track is available now on Spotify.

Lucaléy – Fire Under Ice

Lucaléy bring the kind of layered vocals which shot Of Monsters and Men to fame but their sound is more mellow and their style more experimental. Fire Under Ice Another great act coming out of Denmark to watch out for as they hit the international stage.

Pocket Dragon – Tide

Self-described as “gangster jazz” UK-based Pocket Dragon have a funky yet challenging style. New single Tide is a thought-provoking number about the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean which is lyrically and musically beautiful.

The Response – Find Your Answer

It’s the video that stands out so strongly for New Zealand pop duo The Response’s single Find Your Answer. The lyrics of this epic indie track are all hidden in a word search which are quickly revealed as the song progresses.