Discoveries – 6 Jan 2018

We rundown some of the tracks we’ve been listening to recently.

Novelistme – It’s Hard (To Be In Love)

Grungy licks are the order of the day from UK-based Novelistme. Reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age, pleading vocals are sung over distorted strings and marching percussion in their new track It’s Hard (To Be In Love).

6ft Fatso – When In Love

When In Love is the latest from Belgium’s lo-fi experimentalist 6ft Fatso. Scattergun guitar prop up 6ft Fatso’s vocals and lyrics to create something truly incomparable to 99% of everything else out there. When In Love is an indie breath of fresh air.

The Serviettes – A Walk With The Devil

Haunting experimental track A Walk With The Devil from UK-based The Serviettes sounds a little like the love-child of Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Portishead. A sailors tale is told over subtle percussion and strings to great effect.

Girl As Wave – Houdini

The chilled out track from American indie band Girl As Wave is a great listen to recover from the day to day stresses of life. Houdini sees dreamy vocals played over echoing guitar and synths and is something you will just melt into.

MINIMONSTER – Make It Beautiful

South Korea’s MINIMONSTER are right on the commercial pulse with a Chainsmokers-esque beat supporting the delicate vocals of collaborator LEENA. Twinkling keys keep things interesting during this charming ode to love.

Seo – Honeybell Haze

Echoing chimes and sombre strings greet the listener from the outset of Seo’s experimental piece Honeybell Haze. By the time the honeyed vocals kick in, you are complete immersed in the haze.

Flavia Abadia – Attitude

Canadian R&B star Flavia Abadia sets out her stall with new track Attitude with a catchy, chilled track played over a sultry video. Flavia’s voice delivers the promised attitude and the hooks will play on repeat in your head long after the songs finished.