Discovery: Ivo Dimchev

Choreographer-cum-performer Ivo Dimchev has created a unique and provocative body of work. His music is no exception.

We have the pleasure of sharing four of his tracks with you, each distinctly Ivo but unique in its own right.

Rain has piano which feels like a wet day. Ivo’s trilling vocals move up and down the octave in this delicate love song.

In contrast, Black is anything but delicate. Big, bass beats meet you immediately. Ivo’s voice takes on a Benjamin Clementine quality in this soulful number, as the instruments ramp up into a synth-laden soundscape.

Morning¬†is defined by its minimalistic percussion and strings. A harp comes in waves, building to an epic chorus. All the while Ivo’s distinctive voice tells its own cryptic story.

Last but certainly not least,¬†Raise Me introduces some blues to the mix. Roving bass guitar and mournful keys, along with Ivo’s vocal range, create theatrics.

Ivo Dimchev is a true master of the art form. His music is high-brow without being inaccessible. His tracks are distinctive and yet uniquely him.