York’s April Fools’ Anti-Slam

Say Owt have been bringing York audiences some of the best names in poetry and spoken word, whilst helping grow a thriving artistic community.  In a normal poetry slam, the poets must use their words & wit to impress the judges and set themselves aside as the greatest performer of the evening.

But the Anti-Slam takes this formula and totally flips it, scoreboards and all. Witness the soppiest, slushiest love poetry that would make your date vomit.  Rubbish radical revolutionary poetry that would make you get a job as a banker.  Cringe at poems crammed with silly stanzas, pathetic puns and idiotic imagery and mournful metaphors (and atrocious alliteration).  Poetry that transcends quality, becoming genius!

It’s totally unique and totally guaranteed to make you howl with laughter.  There’s no other genre that pokes fun at itself like an Anti-Slam.

Come cheer (boo?) on the winner (loser?)

They have such illustrious characters as Grime’s most famous unknown artist, Dan Galeforce.  They have last year’s winner Honey Brown, who dominated with her cringe-worthy 50 Shades of Brown ‘romantic’ poem.  Poets from Manchester, Peterborough, Durham, Hull and, of course, York, will be competing for the title of Anti-Hero Slam Champ!

York’s April Fools’ Day Anti Slam takes place The Basement, City Screen on 1 April 2018, doors at 7:30pm. Tickets are £7. Say Owt is supported by Arts Council England.