Christina Martin – Impossible To Hold

Singer-songwriter Christina Martin is about to release her latest album Impossible To Hold, and having listened to the album through, we have to say that we’re rather impressed. Whilst things haven’t changed massively in terms of the style of Martin’s music it’s clear that improvements have been made, and the progression that can be heard is simply astounding.

By Jane Howkins

Martin’s vocals are as strong as ever, with a hint of a country lilt present at times. However, it is the arrangements that are most impressive, showing how good Martin’s song writing has become in recent years. Apparently, the singer-songwriter was influenced by attending a concert in Hyde Park featuring Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks, and you can certainly hear those muses present. That isn’t to say that Martin’s work isn’t original though, as her unique personality and light shines through onto each track, mingling with the sounds of her musical influences. That’s not to say that there isn’t some filler here though, and not every track is a must listen. There are moments where things do get a bit safe but thankfully that doesn’t happen too often, and there are way more good songs here than bad.

Impossible To Hold might not appeal to all fans of the singer-songwriter genre, and the country twang could understandably put people off. However, we highly recommend that you give this a go if you’re in any way intrigued by the above, as it really is a good record. There are some filler tracks, but overall Christina Martin has proven herself yet again.

Impossible To Hold is out on 23 March 2018 via Come Undone Records.