Jumanji – Alyssa

In a follow up to previous single Swings And Roundabouts, Brighton’s Jumanji returns to York Calling with latest Alyssa.

By Graeme Smith

Jumanji are all about big, lively and catchy indie rock. Alyssa is no exception, with big riffs and a hefty chorus. While Swings And Roundabouts was for the dancers, this ones for the thinkers with a slightly more down-tempo feel.

I previously pigeon-holed Jumanji as belonging to early ’00s indie rock but in Alyssa, I have to say I’m surprised. The sound is a little more traditional, stadium-filling rock. Yet, the edge is still there and Jumanji continue to prove themselves to be an exciting, young British band. Their debut EP is out now and you can check out Alyssa below.