Discovery: Jumanji

Brighton-based indie sextet are inviting you to get into the swing with new track Swings And Roundabouts.

By Graeme Smith

You’d be forgiven for thinking Jumanji were from the golden-age of indie in the early ’00s, fitting nicely on a playlist alongside the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or The Long Blondes. They’re name gives a little clue for their lean towards nostalgia too. Yet, there’s nothing old-fashioned sounding about Swings And Roundabouts. Summery, twinkling guitars accompany lead singer Neneh Atkins as she delivers the story of being trapped in an argument with your other half.

On tour in April, you can catch Jumanji playing at Verve in Leeds on the 7th. Have a listen to Swings And Roundabouts below: