Playlist: New Music Retrospective #2

The last few months have flown by. It’s already time for our quarterly round up of new music we’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Since we’re on Spotify now, a playlist seemed to ideal way of celebrating it.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo: The Arcadian Wild

I’m going to kick things off with probably my favourite track from the last few months: Wander. Wonder. by Nashville trio SELRES_70acdbf8-67e1-4cc8-8233-9b160e525256SELRES_70acdbf8-67e1-4cc8-8233-9b160e525256The Arcadian Wild. In my review, I was blown away with how easily this track blended easy-listening pop with dark folksy lyrics. Truly a gem.

Next up is brand new York act Honours with their second single Duchess. This indie band have got a bit of swagger about them, playing classic rock and roll with crashing drums and guitar. I’m excited to see where they take it.

Keeping it close to home, friend of York Calling Harrison Rimmer released new track Berlin this quarter. The track marked a bit of a change of direction for Harrison, with a bit of a funky electro twist to his usual acoustic rock. We were certainly hooked.

Ryan Cassata impressed me with his unique voice and catchy folk track Daughter, addressed directly to his father and showing an ineffable vulnerability that’s sure to get anyone on his side.

And, just in time for this to go to press, today was my first listen of Matlock’s Patawawa’s new track Fight Me. We’d reviewed Patawawa before sometime ago and new track Fight Me carries on their addictive funky disco legacy.