Discovery: Alexander Biggs

Australian acoustic artist Alexander Biggs soundtracks your emotional breakdown with new track Dog Boy.

By Graeme Smith

Depth of emotion is often lacking in today’s superficial world and sometimes this overflows into music. There’s no fear of that with Alexander Biggs, who locked himself away in a blanket fort in a Melbourne basement to write Dog Boy. It’s a simple constructed track, with a repeating melody that marches along behind Alexander’s longing voice.

But it’s a slow burner, and when the track comes to life, it really comes to life, mirroring the feelings of rejuvenation that Alexander most likely felt himself. A sudden stop and you’re left with goosebumps.

Previous singles have received airplay from Radio X so we’re a little late to the Alexander Biggs bandwagon. We’re glad to be hitched to it now! Check out Dog Boy below: