Discovery: Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra

Fans or British folk and Americana may have already come across Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra but we’re just discovering him now through new track People Are Idiots.

By Graeme Smith

The title of People Are Idiots might seem a little provocative and off-putting but the track is no tale of viciousness. There is frustration and protest in the lyrics of course but it unites more than it divides. Musically, it’s quite challenging too, written in the unusual 11/8 time signature. In a world dominated by 4/4 it can feel like something is off but there are rewards there for close listeners.

Paul’s music is too good to ignore, even if it doesn’t fit a mould, and well worth your time. Greater taste-makers than I have expressed their admiration for his music and I hope you enjoy it too. Check out People Are Idiots below.