Catholic Action – People Don’t Protest Enough

It’s been over two years since I last ran the rule over any of Catholic Action’s music but the name stood out to me as soon as I saw they had released their new track People Don’t Protest Enough.

By Graeme Smith

In 2017, I had the joy of reviewing Glasgow indie-rockers Catholic Action’s album In Memory Of comparing it to both Joy Divison and ’70s glam rock. Their new track People Don’t Protest Enough continues the theme, adding in elements of ’90s shoegaze for good measure. The tracks plods along at a steady rhythm, building up to catchy chorus declaring us all “men of the cloth learning how to walk.”

Catholic Action are a band catching the attention of a lot of musical tastemakers at the moment and have been lined up to play SXSW next year. I’m a big fan. Check out People Don’t Protest Enough below.