A Brand New York Calling Playlist!

At the beginning of the year, I introduced the four York Calling playlists for 2020. We’ve shared so many great tracks, you can now make that five!

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo: the artwork for Lullana’s Highway Honey which features in the Folked Down playlist.

Alongside our Pop Sensibilities, Rock Cycle and Something Different playlists, the Folked Up playlist has now been split into two. Check out Folked Up for upbeat folk and country and the new Folked Down playlist for downbeat folk and acoustic. That means you’ve got a choice of getting your blood flowing or to take things easy when choosing your folk and country preferences.

All playlists have been updated with March’s discoveries so there’s even more to listen to no matter what you’re into. Check out all the playlists on our Spotify page and sample the new Folked Down playlist below.