Going Underground #4 – Alvarez Kings, Madelline, Tom Heath, Dolla Green & Kylee Love

Episode four of the new podcast is all about pop, with new tracks from Madelline, Tom Heath and Dolla Green & Kylee Love. I also chat to Simon from Rotherham indie pop band Alvarez Kings.

By Graeme Smith

Feature image – Alvarez Kings

Pop is a more diverse genre than many give it credit for, especially as you move away from the Top 40 charts. Canada-based electro pop artist Madelline opens a diverse show which ventures into acoustic pop, indie pop and ending with the hip-hop tinged Dolla Green & Kylee Love.

Alongside the new music, I chat to Simon from Alvarez Kings about their music, lockdown and local scenes as well as our Managing Editor Jane about some big gig announcements and albums on the horizon.

Check out the podcast below.