New Music: Psyclo – The 18th Floor in Hell

Psyclo is a genre-defying Chinese artist who I’ve become a big fan of. I’m always excited to see what she’ll release next, be it self-loving hip-hop, video game R&B or, in her latest track The 18th Floor in Hell, spiritual dark wave.

By Graeme Smith

The 18th Floor in Hell has a different feel to the previous Psyclo tracks I’ve shared. It’s moody, Gothic and trippy, but the new is balanced by enough of the familiar to know this is a Psyclo track – aggressively whispered vocals and unique lyrics.

The title of the track refers to Chinese mythology, where it is believed that there are eighteen levels of hell, each with its unique style of torture. The track acts as Psyclo confronting the possibility of death. It’s a meditation on the meaning of the word “safe.”

Check out The 18th Floor in Hell on Spotify.