New Music: The JuJu Exchange – I Can’t See My Eyes/Glimmer

Last month I discovered American jazz act The JuJu Exchange through their exploration of grief, Eternal Boombox. New tracks I Can’t See My Eyes and Glimmer are accompanying explorations of the same theme, dealing with denial and hope respectively.

By Graeme Smith

The grief in question isn’t personal but rather societal. With both COVID-19 and historic, systematic racism dominating the news cycle, many have found themselves in a state of shock. I Can’t See My Eyes attempts to capture this feeling in song. It’s a dipping, turning and meandering track that, like Eternal Boombox has a surprise in every bar. Check it out below.

Glimmer takes us the end of the stages of grief and to a brighter place. It explores the concept of hope and acceptance. This takes the form of a mellow, bass-laden meditation with flashes of horns and keys. Check it out below.

In many ways The JuJu Exchange is proving to be the soundtrack of the moment. If you didn’t catch Eternal Boombox and like what you’ve heard, you can check out my review here.