Video: Miles & The Chain Gang – Drag Me To The Light

Drag Me To The Light is the latest single from York rock band Miles & The Chain Gang and it’s a lockdown anthem.

By Graeme Smith

The video opens on the deserted streets of York, painting a desolate picture before upbeat drums and horns kick in and the mood changes. Miles’s pleading vocals come in, full of longing for brighter times in the chorus.

‘I wrote the song during lockdown in April,’ says Miles about the track. ‘I was trying to capture the emotional feeling of what was happening, the sense of hunger for human interaction. We are social creatures and I think everybody felt the absence of human connection and warmth.’

Drag Me To The Light is for fans of classic rock or anyone who is looking for a pick-me-up as we navigate our second lockdown of the year. Check out the video below.