Album Review: KALMO – Incorporea

KALMO are a neoclassical collective from Canada who I’ve covered a couple of times here on York Calling. I first discovered them through their meditative piece Dancing Light which features on their full-length album Incorporea.

By Graeme Smith

Ambience and minimalism is the name of the game when it comes to Incorporea. The title refers to the group’s favourite characteristic of music – its immaterial nature. Music is shapeless, yet embodies so many different forms and it’s an interesting concept to riff on. The form it takes in Incorporea is faint, floating yet all-consuming. When listening to KALMO’s gentle constructions, it’s impossible to think of anything else.

Aside from Dancing Light, I’d previously covered title track Incorporea and the two pieces sit side by side in the full-length acting as the climactic arc of the record. There are lovely moments of rise and fall elsewhere though. Shadows and Reflections, for instance, has an unexpected drum and bass groove. Breathe Part I and Breathe Part II contrast each other beautifully.

If you find yourself with a quiet hour, stick on the aptly-titled opening track Surrender To The Now and let the album take hold. It’s an experience that will calm and change you.

You can hear Incorporea by KALMO below.