New Music: Rett Madison – Pin-Up Daddy

Rett Madison is an American bedroom pop artist who I first shared on the blog back in May last year. She explores her experiences of queerness and gender fluidity in her track Pin-Up Daddy, newly remixed by Brian Robert Jones.

By Graeme Smith

Pin-Up Daddy isn’t your typical pop song. Though this remix has a bright electro pop feel, Rett’s vocals hold a certain sadness as she delivers the hooky chorus. The lyrics seem grounded by authentic experience. Rett recounts her mother dressing her up to be girly as a child, with makeup, pageants and dance routines. There’s a wonderful moment however when she tells the story of getting a suit on her birthday “that fit just right.”

Rett is an exciting pop artist with something to say and I can’t wait to hear more from her. You can check out the Brian Robert Jones remix of Pin-Up Daddy below.