Discovery: Graeme James

Graeme James is an internationally acclaimed folk artist from New Zealand. He’s teamed up with his wife Zoe, who performs as Fairlie, for his barnstorming new track Babe I’m Coming Home.

By Graeme Smith

The interplay between Graeme and Zoe’s vocals are what really make this track special. The verses are call and response and the contrast between the male and female vocals provide a wonderful texture. The two then harmonise in a sweeping, singalong chorus all the while lively guitar, banjo and percussion keep things at a enjoyably toe-tapping tempo.

Thanks to his solid fan base in his native New Zealand and a growing following around the world Graeme has amassed over 40 millions streams on Spotify and previously his music has been featured by Rolling Stone. Graeme is releasing a series of seasonal EPs this year, the next being his Spring-themed A Sea Of Infinite Possibilities, out 16 April.

Check out Babe I’m Coming Home below.