Discovery: Phil Meadows

Phil Meadows is a London-based saxophonist and composer whose new track Trashlantis was inspired by an installation at the port of Helsinki.

By Graeme Smith

The installation and the track both explore that which has been discarded into the ocean. Sonically, Trashlantis is a journey through the depths. But the journey is not through the ocean, it’s through the waves of pent up emotion that stand in the way of our inner peace.

Despite its heavy subject matter, the piece feels light and is a joy to listen to. I’m always a fan of a sax and Phil deploys it well here. A relaxed intro gives was to a lively mid-section where the sax takes centre stage. Things end much as they started, but it feels as if something has shifted. It might just be me.

Trashlantis is the first single to be released from Phil’s new album¬†Beware Of The Bear which will be out in the summer. You can check it out below.