Discovery: Jacqueline Loor

Jacqueline Loor is an indie artist who hails from Florida in the US. Her new track I Broke My Heart is an empowering confessional on how we can often be our own worst enemies.

By Graeme Smith

What really caught my attention about I Broke My Heart is Jacqueline’s vulnerable and authentic vocals. There’s a really sense of pain and desperation in her delivery. I really believe she has a broken heart but the self-awareness is refreshing. This isn’t wallowing; this is therapy. It’s about moving forward and hopefully helping others to do the same.

In an industry that is currently embracing this style of open-hearted, restorative music (think of the success of Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License) I think Jacqueline Loor could go a long way. Check out I Broke My Own Heart below and see if you agree. You can hear more like her on our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.