Discovery: Palace Cats

Palace Cats are an indie pop duo consisting of Joe Doris and James Bowden who collaborate across the cities of Oxford and London. Their new track is called Honey.

By Graeme Smith

Honey is characterised by a bright bass rhythm layered with dreamy synth and vocals. It feels a little like a waking dream. As the chorus arrives, the layers build to a echoing soundscape which envelopes your ears. Just as you drift off though, your attention is brought back by licks of electric guitar.

Outside of music, the duo work as a doctor and teacher respectively, so have been at the sharp end of this pandemic in which we find ourselves. It’s great to see the challenges haven’t stopped them making music and they can still find moments of peace like¬†Honey in the chaos.

Check out the track below. If you like what you hear, you can hear more like Palace Cats on our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.