Discovery: Nicky Murray

Nicky Murray is an alternative pop artist from Glasgow whose latest is called It Is So.

By Graeme Smith

It Is So is an experimental and atmospheric piece. Pulsing bass hits you from the off, nicely contrasted against Nicky’s soft vocals. Compared to the minimalism of the verse, the chorus feels epic – the inclusion of harmonies from fellow Glaswegian Zoe Graham certainly help.

It’s a wonderful introduction to Nicky’s music, which he’s been making since his 2014 debut album Plenty More Weeping. In his time he’s supported some big names in the folk and acoustic scene and even penned a track inspired by the Netflix series Atypical which was picked up by the main cast.

It Is So is Nicky’s first release of the year and you can hear it below. If you want to hear more like him, check out our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.