Discovery: Immy Sleep

Immy Sleep is an indie pop artist from Brighton whose new track April Showers explores the idea of missing someone you love – a feeling all too familiar for a lot of us right now.

By Graeme Smith

Things open with a trotting bass line and flashes of guitar chords. Immy’s soulful vocals are layered on, full of emotion and delivering lyrics that are rich with natural imagery. It’s a charming and easy listen and, personally, I found it a great moment in what has become a monotonous few months here in the UK.

Immy has been writing and performing music since she was thirteen years old. Now twenty, her sound shows a maturity beyond her years. What’s even more impressive is that the whole song was produced in her bedroom which goes to show she has a handle on all that’s needed to create a great track.

You can check out April Showers below. There’s more like Immy on our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.