Discovery: Jack Broza

Jack Broza is an experimental artist from New York City. His new track Lifeline feels like something of a fever dream, with punches of strings and deconstructed vocals.

By Graeme Smith

The narrative of the track paints a scene of a murky afternoon in the Golden Gate Bridge area of San Francisco. Early on in the track, the plucked strings feel like waves lapping against a rocky shore. The vocals come and go as if someone is tuning a radio but keeps missing the right frequency. As the track reaches its climax, fuzzy distorted guitar burst into life, bringing forth the violence that flows through the track like an undercurrent.

Lifeline isn’t an easy listen but it rewards those willing to go deeper. Jack certainly has a sound he can call his own and it’s exactly the kind of music I love to discover. I hope you agree. Check out Lifeline below. If you like what you hear, there are more unique pieces of music on our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.