Discovery: The OhOhOhs

The OhOhOhs are a neoclassical duo from Frankfurt, Germany. Their new track Sturm und Drang is a lively, stormy piece that really caught my ear.

By Graeme Smith

In Sturm und Drang, the duo unleash a chain-reaction of percussive and piano elements that flow, overlap and, in a cauldron of noise, transcend into something beautiful. There’s a sense of adventure, urgency and heroics. To help you catch your breath, things slow to a gentle crawl at the end, but hints of the melody remain, a memory.

If you often find classical music a little slow, then The OhOhOhs may change your mind on the genre. They’ve brought their background in techno music to it to make something that feels very contemporary. Check out Sturn und Drang below.