Video: Danny Addison – Tribe

Hailing from the other side of the Pennines in Manchester, Danny Addison caught my attention with his new track Tribe. Thoughtfully deconstructing our modern sense of polarisation, Danny explores the hazards of being in the middle ground.

By Graeme Smith

Danny’s thesis unfolds through an urgent acoustic guitar riff and Danny’s powerful vocals. As the first chorus hits, the sound explodes to something more epic – drums are pounded, strings swell and Danny’s voice takes the passion up a notch.

The video tells the story of children at play – costumed and following rituals that only make sense to them. It’s the perfect parable for our brand of 21st century tribalism.

Tribe is the first track taken from Danny’s second EP. Check out the video below. If you like what you hear, there’s more like it on our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.