Video: The Trudy – Dear Sancho

Dear Sancho is the new track from London post punk band The Trudy. Along with its animated video, the track explores the infrequently covered relationship between Don Quixote and his squire, the eponymous Sancho Panza.

By Graeme Smith

Opening with a gentle guitar melody, ghostly vocals float in courtesy of the band’s frontwoman Melissa Jo Heathcote. Add drums, bass and guitar riffs and you get a classic rock track with elements of cerebral psychedelica. Dear Sancho is full of thought, atmosphere and perfect to sway to.

It’s hardly surprising that Dear Sancho is such a fine track. The Trudy have been making music since 1979 and founding member Peter Tagg was in the band Cardiacs before that. You can check out the wonderful animated video for Dear Sancho below. If you like what you hear, there’s more like it on our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.