EP Review: Campfire Social – Everything Changed

Campfire Social are an indie folk band from Wrexham in the UK. Their new EP Everything Changed is their second, following on from their debut Wellbeing released back in 2017. Their sound has taken a step forward this time out with big, perfectly balanced sequences aplenty.

By Graeme Smith

Musically, Campfire Social reminded me a little of early Kings of Leon due to their meld of indie, country and folk elements. The vocals have a different vibe though, with layered male/female harmonies which are more akin to Fleetwood Mac. Their tracks rise and fall, with an array of instruments coming and going – from the brass of It’s Not Goodbye (To Those Who We Left Behind) to the electric organ of Speak Louder.

To be truthful though, each track on Everything Changed has its own vibe (sometimes more than one within the same track). Each time I thought I had a handle on their sound, the next track would surprise me. There’s such a range of styles and influences involved it’s impressive. Track three Awake in the Wake of a Wave is a great example. Starting out mellow with an subtle electronic undercurrent, halfway through it bursts into a carnival-esque dance party.

Lyrically, Campfire Social draw inspiration from ’90s and ’00s emo along the lines of Death Cab For Cutie and Dashboard Confessional. Expect broken hearts, life or death decisions and moments that could play well over the last scene of a teen romance film. The theme that holds the EP together is death. It’s not dreary though. It very much tackles the subject from different angles and showcases the light and the dark. The death isn’t always literal either, in album closer Wherever You Rest Your Head, what is lost is innocence.

If you’re the kind of person who feels the world, then Everything Changed would be a great addition to your musical library. Check out the EP below. If you like it, delve into the band’s back catalogue and see how their sound has developed. If you’re not an emotional person, do the same. Maybe Campfire Social will teach you how to feel. It’s impossible not have not felt something while listening to their music, even if it’s just the feeling of having been on a journey. I certainly did, and I’m keen to stay on that journey with these guys.