EP Review: Jack Frohlich – Silver Going Grey

Jack Frohlich is a indie singer songwriter from Birmingham. His new EP, Silver Going Grey is five vignettes of modern British youth.

By Graeme Smith

Jack draws his inspiration from some of the breakout British artists of the past few years including Declan McKenna and Rex Orange County. Fans of those artists will find a lot of love in Silver Going Grey. It’s a sound that is uniquely British and steeped in nostalgia. Jack draws on references that are unremarkable, but embedded into the collective consciousness of our youth – like watered down squash and school uniforms. In Silver Going Grey these mundane images become entwined with mythology and fairy tales so it becomes impossible to know where one ends and the other begins.

With the focus on being young, a lot of the tales focus on going out, being wild and trying to find oneself place in the world. This is the landscape against the finer details of the lyrics stand out. Musically, things are kept simple, with Jack accompanying himself on electric guitar for the most part with perhaps a drum loop to provide the rhythm. This way, the stories take front and centre. It’s sensible as its Jack’s storytelling that makes his music memorable.

There are five tracks in Silver Going Grey, and each tells a separate autobiographical tale. Things open with Colouring Lines which is set in that strange period of self-discovery associated with building your own life for the first time. Goldilocks hints at unrequited love.

School Boy, which I’ve featured before on this blog, alludes to growing up different and the absurdity of defining ourselves by our outward appearance. It canters along with a catchy melody and singalong chorus – a definite highlight.

You Have Yourself is a meditation on not fitting in during a night out and things wrap up with the quirky, upbeat Superhero which focuses on the guilt of underachievement. It’s a good way to end things, with a feeling a self-acceptance, that all these fears and flaws are part of the fabric of life.

Silver Going Grey is an EP of indie pop tracks that go deeper. For those of us whose youth was almost twenty years ago, it’s nice to know some things don’t change. We all have the same insecurities when we’re young and we all find our own ways of expressing them. In my day the soundtrack was the likes of The Kooks or Bastille and Jack feels like a natural successor to those acts.

Check out the EP below.