Discovery: Mister Clarck

Mister Clarck are an electronic pop group from Paris, France. Their new track Lady Blue has a delicate melody, romantic ’80s vibe and vocals you’ll fall in love with.

By Graeme Smith

An ever-present electronic drum beat provides the foundation on Lady Blue over which Clarck’s honeyed vocals are poured. Though the lyrics are in French, there’s a universal feeling to his sentiments. Lady Blue is love-making music, pure and simple, but there is a deeper message – one of equality and reminder that the colour blue, as with the world, doesn’t belong to men alone.

Singer and guitar player Clarck fronts this Parisian group that bears his name. Their sound is influenced by range of acts that include Mazzy Star and Serge Gainsborough. They perform music in order to promote positive vibes, respect and equality. If the voice isn’t enough for you to fall in love with Clarck, then the outlook should do it.

Check out Lady Blue below. You can hear more like it in our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.