Discovery: Storm: Season

Storm: Season are an Avant-Garde trio from Birmingham. Their new track Catch Z’s is a blend of genres, quite unlike anything else you’ll hear today.

By Graeme Smith

Opening with glitchy percussion and electronic layers, Catch Z’s is a dreamlike track that replicates the feeling of trying to be a peace while your head is full of noise. Drawing in elements of hip hop, indie pop and bedroom pop, the track can’t be comfortably described as any of those genres. It’s something entirely else.

Catch Z’s is Storm: Season’s second single following their well-received debut My Lover’s. Based out of Birmingham, Storm: Season are Calvert Stephens, Martyn Nicholson and Will Troman.

Check out Catch Z’s below. If you want to hear more music that isn’t easily defined, check out our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.