New Music: ÜUCE – Watching You

ÜUCE is an American cinematic composer I first discovered last week. With his new album Go From Here recently released, there’s plenty more music of his to delve into. Watching You is a departure from the instrumental Vegvísir which I shared last week in that it features vocals from collaborator Michele.

By Graeme Smith

Watching You is a moody, echoing piano composition. Michele’s vocals are delicate and haunting deliver poetic and melancholic lyrics while the sparse melody unfolds. Both are accompanied by some unusual percussion – randomised, looping mallets that strike the piano strings creating an uneasy background texture that feels a bit like the rain striking the window mentioned in the lyrics.

The track swells to a climax, featuring harmonies and strings, leaving the last word to the piano which lingers on a now familiar refrain. Watching You is such an interesting and well-constructed track that is warm with emotion. I continue to be impressed with ÜUCE’s music. Check out the piece below. The album Go From Here is available on Spotify.