Video: Apocraphe – Mighty Like Guybrush

Last month I shared Apocraphe’s video A Paris L’Affair, a team up with all the members of the Parisian crew L’Affair. For his next video he’s gone solo, and taken on a subject that I’m not sure has ever been covered in hip hop before.

By Graeme Smith

Some of you might look at the song title Mighty Like Guybrush and know exactly what that subject is. Others might be scratching your heads. In the video and track, Apocraphe dives head first into the world of PC point and click adventures, the titular ‘Guybrush’ being a reference to Guybrush Threepwood, the protagonist of one such series called Monkey Island.

Despite (or perhaps because) of the esoteric topic, Mighty Like Guybrush is banger, with tight verses and an infectious flow. Check it out if love a good hip hop track or if you want a giant nostalgia bomb. You can watch the video for Mighty Like Guybrush below.