Discovery: Carnival Kid

Carnival Kid, real name Christian Stezycki, is a indie rock singer songwriter from Erfurt in Germany. He’s teamed up with fellow indie artist Matilda for his new track Walking On Our Own.

By Graeme Smith

Matilda provides the vocals for the brooding, atmospheric track. There is a touch of timelessness to the arrangement, which invokes the kind of vaudevillian entertainment that you might find at the place with which Carnival Kid shares his stage name. A quiet interlude gives way to the second half of the track which amps up the rock.

The phrase “carnival kid” refers to a German tradition of referring to those born after 11 November, 11AM as Faschingskinder as this is when carnival season starts in the country. Christian’s own son was born on that day, and the impact of being a father heavily influences his solo work.

Check out Walking On Our Own below. If you like what you hear, check out more unique tracks in our Decomposition playlist on Spotify.