Video: Emmi – Drum

Emmi is a British singer songwriter who has already received the backing of Taylor Swift and Elton John. It’s easy to see why with the release of her pop banger Drum.

By Graeme Smith

Drum stood out to me straight away through Emmi’s distinct vocals and lyrical details but it was at the moment the first chorus kicked in that I was really hooked. It’s full of energy and catchiness with just musical richness that makes it feel epic. Emmi took her inspiration for Drum from Shakespeare, in particular the famous line “all the world’s a stage” but also with nods to MacBeth‘s three witches and it certainly shares his sense of theatrics.

Born in Devon, Emmi is now based in New York City which is where the beautifully choreographed video for Drum is filmed. You can check out the video below. The track is taken from Emmi’s forthcoming concept project Players.