EP Review: Danny Addison – Porcelain

Danny Addison is a Manchester-based alternative-folk singer songwriter who first hit my radar last month with his explosive track Tribe. The song acts as opener for his new four track EP Porcelain.

By Graeme Smith

Folk is a great way to describe Danny’s music. He writes tracks which are personal reflections of the world in which he lives, much like folk musicians always have. Yet, there is something deeper and more cinematic about his sound. Across the four tracks of Porcelain, Danny takes on a different topic and it feels like a personal journey from disillusionment to finding some sense of inner peace.

Tribe is a meditation on polarisation and getting stuck in the middle of warring groups. Beck And Call goes introspective, focusing on the sense of anxiety created by our inner demons. It rises and falls dramatically, simulating emotional highs and lows. Lady calms things down both literally and figuratively – its gentle guitar and strings representing finding peace within chaos. Finally, The Dune is an escape to more innocent times. Everything in the EP resonated. Though he’s telling his own story, it’s reflective of a world and culture that is trying to define itself after centuries of being told what it is.

Danny’s lyricism impressed me when I first heard Tribe and it’s great to hear more of his poetry unfolding across a set of tracks. The EP is musically rich too. He knows how to keep things interesting and there are plenty of moments of minimal intimacy that draw you in before swelling climaxes are unleashed. What will have me coming back to his music is his voice though. It’s so smoothly assured, classically honeyed like the crooners of old.

Born in Hitchin, Danny moved to Manchester in 2014. Porcelain is his second EP, following his debut Colour Songs in 2020. He’s part of the English Folk Expo Artist Mentoring Programme and has been booked to perform at, among others, Cambridge Folk Festival. If you’re into contemporary folk then you need to listen to Danny’s music. Porcelain is a great place to start.

Check out the EP below. If you want to hear more music like Danny’s check out our Raw Stuff playlist on Spotify.