Discovery: Paaris

Polaris is the new energetic instrumental track from Los Angeles-based melodic metal composer Paaris, real name Enrique Marquez Paris.

By Graeme Smith

Strap yourselves in for this one. Polaris hits you from the outset with big guitar riffs and electronic overtones. The solo playing is virtuoso, noodling over layers of rhythm. Named for the North Star, it truly creates a feeling of being out of this world.

Paaris has been in the music business, collaborating with other artists, for over eighteen years. His first solo effort came in the form of an EP Nora released last year to critical acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone Mexico. His new album Valhalla is set to be released on 28 May.

Check out Polaris below. If you’re into your music a little noisy then check out our Bang! playlist on Spotify.