Video: Mflux – Hello World!

I first shared music from Germany-based electro pop act Mflux over a year ago. At the time they were recording as Mflux & The Bass Rangers and released a delightful meld of electro funk and country called Pawnana. Now they’re back with a beautiful new track and video called Hello World!

By Graeme Smith

Hello World! takes on the influence smart phones and social media have on our modern lives. The video features a woman walking, glued to her phone while a series of sugary and psychedelic backgrounds flow behind her. An ethereal vocal sample adds texture to a bright and poppy electronic arrangement that evolves as the track progresses. It’s a joy to listen to and watch but be warned, there are strobe effects.

Mflux’s own social media presence is limited. They clearer like to let their music do the talking and, when it’s this good, who could blame them? Check out Hello World! below.